We feel very lucky to have found Gena to take care of our dog while we
are at work or out of town.  Our dog has some special needs that
require extra love and care, and Gena meticulously and thoughtfully
meets our dogs needs.  Gena does not treat our dog & us like "just
another client" and has instead formed a bond with our dog.  We tend to
be neurotic & overly-attached dog parents, and Gena certainly makes
herself available to talk with us & reassure us while we are out of town.  
Gena's sister, Tamara, is also wonderful with our dog, and we have
enjoyed the security of a "back-up system."  Additionally, we are so
pleased to return home after a trip to find our home neat and tidy.  We
highly recommend Gena to care for your pets.
Jennifer T. - Owner of Gracie
Gracie - Bernese Mountain Dog
"Nanny G" started working with Nolan when he was only 3 months old. Nolan was
premature and had a lot of health challenges. He was on a lot of medication and was
on a heart monitor. I was impressed with Gena from the first day. She was able to
handle all of Nolan's problems with such ease, and deal with my overactive "1st Time
Mommy Jitters". She always handled emergencies with a calmness that gave me
peace when I should have fallen apart. She even had to perform a rescue technique
on him once when he was choking. In her initial interview, she told me that her work
with children wasn't a job, it was her calling in life, and I totally believe that. Gena no
longer works for our family full time, but she still sits for us, keeps Nolan when we
are out of town, or comes by to spend time with Nolan. Nolan is almost 6 years old
now, and is hardly the frail baby he was when she first laid eyes on him, but he still
loves his Nanny.
Kristen G - Mother of Nolan
Nanny and Nolan
Gena is a natural caretaker with children of all ages,
especially newborns and infants!  She is very trustworthy
and dependable.
Dr. Laura H. - Mother of Tyler, Hallie, & Leighton
Dr. Laura Harris & Family
My husband and I recently moved into the neighborhood and were very
thankful that a neighbor recommended Gena to us when we were looking
for a sitter for our dog, Jimmy.  We were impressed when we met Gena
and later impressed with the quality of her service to our family.  The icing
on the cake was months later when Gena came over for dinner one night,
and we witnessed Jimmy's excitement when he saw her.  He was SO
happy to see his friend again, so we KNOW he's in great hands with Gena
when we're away!
Kendall J. - Owner of Jimmy
Morgan, Thommy, & Henry  
Gena is my answer to a prayer I've been praying for a long time for
childcare. We wouldn't give her up for the world!
Mary M. M. - Mother of Henry,Thomas, & Morgan
Jimmy - Miniature Poodle
Testimonials & References
Many Other References Available Upon Request
Gena is an amazing caregiver! She has been taking care of our now 5 year
Paige from the beginning. Being a first time parent, I knew very little about
babies and parenting.  Gena has taught me so much and helped me
through each stage along the way.   I am a much more confident parent
thanks to her help.   And, Ella LOVES Gena.  It makes it so much easier to
leave the house knowing that your child is with someone she truly loves.   
Of all of our baby-sitters, Ella enjoys days with Gena the most.  She is an
amazing person….I don’t know what we would do without her.
Lanie Jacquin - Mother of Ella, Paige, and Owen
Jacquin Family
Gena is a wonderful woman...I have no doubt she will and can do
anything I request and our house is WELL taken care of when we
leave. 4 dogs and a two year old are nothing for her to handle.
Amanda Clement - Mother of Billy Mac & "Dog Kids" Worm, Mac,
Summer, and Brandy
Billy Mac
Brandy,Summer,& Mack
Gena is the best caretaker we have found for our 3 children. She is fun,
thorough, detailed and dependable and LOVES children. Corinne and
Candler look forward to seeing her each time she  walks in the door and
so do we! My husband and I know we can relax when we are out because
our kids are in great hands!
Ryan Dunlap - Mother of Corinne, Candler, and Elizabeth
Dunlap Family  
Gena is wonderful! She has a magic touch for taking care of multiple
children at once, and I always know I can leave the house without worry
when she is with the kids. She is a real blessing to us.
CWG - Mother of Ellie & Reed
Reed & Ellie
Gena is a natural when it comes to taking care of children.  My boys
love to be with her because it’s so clear to them that she enjoys their
company.   I love it when my boys are with her because I know they
are in good hands.  When I get home, she always has funny stories to
share about the things they have done together.  She is also easy to
reach, quick to return phone calls, and email's, and flexible with
beginning and ending times when I have needed her to be.  She has
easily adjusted to our daily routines and has taken unexpected
mishaps in stride.  I am so thankful that we have found her!
Julianne Schaff - Mother of Jack & Carter
Jack & Carter
Gena Taylor is such a great blessing to every family she helps.  She goes
above and beyond for her clients by really giving each child her undivided
attention and making them feel special and loved.  She puts everything
into her kids and pets and it shows.  Not only does she have a lot to teach
the children but she has been able to give me tips as a parent.  She has an
incredible way of multi-tasking but always staying calm and in control.  
When my kids are with Gena, I know that they are in the best hands.  
Britton Mcleod - Mother of Rylan & Leighton
Leighton, Thommy, & Rylan